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Centre for the Hearing Impaired

Welcome to the Centre for the Hearing Impaired.

We are the only infant centre attached to a mainstream school in Hounslow that cater for Deaf children. We are very proud of this Centre, and the children who attend. Each child is treated as an individual and we help them to develop a positive sense of identity and high levels of self esteem and confidence.

The Centre has been part of Norwood Green Infant School for over 50 years and is an integral part of the school. Our school and Centre believe strongly in inclusive education and our policy is to include pupils with severe to profound hearing loss in mainstream classes.

We have been involved in an array of projects which have included

  • Creating a parent support network for parents of Deaf children in Hounslow. Afternoon Teas are held termly and are well attended by parents, carers and professionals.
  • Research links with the Deaf Cognition and Language Research Centre at University College, London.  We have been part of projects looking at British Sign Language receptive and expressive skills and the identification of specific language impairment among Deaf children.


The Centre accepts children between the age of 3 and 7 with a range of hearing losses. We believe strongly in inclusive education and our policy is to include pupils into mainstream classes.

They will follow the National Curriculum with their hearing peers and become fully integrated in all aspects of school life.

We support a policy of Total Communication and are flexible to children’s communication needs, which may include oralism, sign supported English, BSL or a combination of these approaches. All children and staff, hearing and Deaf are encouraged to sign so that we are all able to communicate with each other. Over the past few years we have been very busy improving the services that we provide to parents, carers and children and indeed r OFSTED stated that we provided ‘outstanding provision.’

Partnership with Parents

We value the experience and knowledge of our parents and carers and have developed strong links with them.

We have an open door policy where parents and carers can come and chat to us.

  • All pupils have a home-school book in which staff write what the children have done and achieved during the day. Parents and carers are encouraged to write in the book so that we can reinforce language and events that have occurred at home.
  • Parents and carers are invited to workshops which cover a range of issues. For example how to help with homework, reading etc.