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The Arts

At Norwood Green Infants, we work hard to provide a vibrant, stimulating learning environment indoors and outdoors with a wide and varied range of resources and experiences.

Staff, Governors, Parents and children value and support a shared commitment to nurturing creativity and developing children’s confidence to express themselves through the different art forms.

Children flourish here and are able to explore, play and extend their thinking and ideas individually and collaboratively. In the Early years, children are free to select instruments and various media every day and participate in role play, singing, painting, dance and movement. We hold regular singing and celebratory assemblies and our ‘Early Years Springtime Show’ has become a key event in our school calendar.

In Key Stage One, we encourage children to refine and develop their skills and understanding whilst using a broad range of artistic 2D and 3D media during their cross curricular learning. We build on the children’s Early Years experiences by extending the range of opportunities and offering instrumental tuition such as recorder and violin. At the end of the Autumn term, all children take part in our annual Christmas production, including musicians, a ‘signing choir’ and lots of actors and dancers.  This is one of many events that bring us together as a community, to celebrate the children’s achievements.  

Participating in other events such as the Cultural Dance festival, our Summer Art festival and 75th Anniversary Celebrations and regular class assemblies develops the children’s self-esteem and confidence to perform in front of various audiences such as their peers, parents and the wider community.  Through our broad range of family learning courses, such as Bollywood dance, mosaics and Jewellery making, we are able to provide opportunities for children to explore aspects of their cultural heritage and that of their peers.

We have links with many performers of dance, drama and music who visit the school and work closely with staff and children to extend learning in our everyday curriculum. Staff actively share their skills and expertise creating a rich knowledge base to support teaching of the arts throughout the school.