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Hounslow Council offer a variety of adult courses, either online or in person.  Many are free and some are for a small fee.  Courses vary in length and time.  Our current course at school this term is:

Behaviour Tips to try at Home

From 1st May to 15th May (3 week course) at 9am - 10:30am

This programme gives parent and carers an opportunity to find out about some behaviour strategies and tips that they can try out at home; as well as giving them the chance to share ideas with other parents and develop their own knowledge and skills.  Please pick up an enrolment form from the school office if you are interested.

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Courses range from Family Learning, Digital Skills & Computing, learning a new language or a new skill such as drawing, photography, sewing or cooking, as well as many more opportunities.  Click on the links below to see what is currently available through the London Borough of Hounslow:

Please click on the links below for LBH's adult & family learning courses

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Family Learning Workshops

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Family First Magazine

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