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Education is also about activities that extend children's learning through new experiences and opportunities.  Enrichment is an important part of your child’s education, giving them new experiences, extending their learning, and making school life more fun.  Enrichment makes a subject more meaningful or more rewarding.  All children benefit from enrichment.  It allows them to look at subjects in more depth and gives them opportunities to explore and use their imagination through experiences and activities that they may not get outside of school. The children at Norwood Green Infants take part in various activities, trips, workshops and fundraising events which are significant to their learning every year. 


4th July 2024


KS1 Sports Day

28th June 2024

ks1 sports day 2024.pdf

Deaf Awareness Week

6th - 10th May 2024

Annually NGIN pupils take part in the National Deaf Awareness week.  Each year group are given the task of learning a new way to sign something.  At the end of the week the whole school come together to sign and sing in an assembly, using what they have learnt with their classmates.  

Y2 Gurdwara Trip

23rd April 2024

In year 2, all the pupils, teachers and teaching assistants organised a morning trip to the local Gurdwara in Southall.  NGIN school plan trips to take the pupils to places of worship every academic year.  This helps to enhance the Religious Education that children learn throughout their time here.

SEN Physical Educational Trip

19th April 2024

Some of our children took part in the Panathlon Sports event at Osterley Sports Centre. The children had a fantastic day out and took part in lots of different sporting activities designed to engage and support gross and fine motor skills. All of the children received a medal for taking part and our school won the award for best Infant School.  Please click here to see our pupils taking part.

Nursery Library Visit

27th March 2024

This week the Nursery children visited the library, and it was a great learning experience. Thank you to all the parents who came along. Encouraging a love for reading and reading for pleasure is so important. Here at Norwood Green Infants we believe that exposing our children to books from a young age is an invaluable step in their learning development. Let’s keep encouraging our children to learn and grow by providing them with support and opportunities to develop their knowledge.

Reception Cake Sale

20th March 2024

Our amazing Reception staff have been baking and icing cupcakes to raise additional funds for the pupils educational visit in the Summer term.  This included selling raffle tickets for an Easter hamper 'eggtravaganza' filled with chocolate eggs and two toy bunnies.  The winner of the raffle was picked during our Easter assembly.  Congratulations to Amaya from Magpie class. The grand total raised  was £290.24

London Symphony Orchestra Trip

19th March 2024

Our Centre for the Deaf pupils and our Year 2 children who have been learning Violin this year, visited The Barbican Centre so that they could see the London Symphony Orchestra live.  Every year NGIN organise this magical music trip.  Please click here to watch a video of our pupils taking part.

Year 2 Home Learning Projects

18th March 2024

Booktastic Reading Week

4th-8th February 2024

Gardening Club

26th February 2024

Spring term offered a Gardening after-school club with our lovely Peacock class teachers; Mrs Parker & Mrs Harvey.  In week one, our infant green finger gardeners learnt how to plant perennial flowers such as 'Muscari' and 'Primrose'.  The front office to the school has been brightened up with beautiful pinks and purples.  The keen pupils have been back to check on them and give the newly planted flowers a good watering with their watering cans.  Meanwhile, some sunflowers seed and beans have been sown and growing taller everyday.

Author Visit

26th February 2024

At the start of a new week we welcomed an author, Britain's Got Talent contestant and existing primary school teacher Banji Alexander.  He wrote a children's story about a boy called Reggie who had to celebrate his birthday during the lockdown - 'Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party'.  The pupils at school had already been learning about the story and a song about the 'New King' before he visited Norwood Green Infant School.  Everyone was asked to wear funky hats and footwear for the day.  After holding a workshop with the KS1 pupils, Banji then provided the children with a pre-purchased signed copy of the book.  For more information click here.

Chinese New Year

10th February 2024

Each February marks the beginning of the Lunar Chinese New Year. This year it's the  year of the 'Dragon'.  Legend has it that in order to scare away the dragon, fire crackers can be set off as well as wearing red clothes.  Another tradition is to hang red banners and decorations around your house.  This year our Nursery & Reception children made fire streamers and wore crafted hats while playing musical instruments such as banging drums and shaking maracas.  A parade around the school was performed, led by our very own Dragon!

Number Day

9th February 2024

Number Day is an event that NGIN take part in every year. Our families donated £2 per pupil so that they could wear clothes with numbers on them.  The children's charity NSPCC - National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children help make a difference to children throughout the UK. This year NGIN raised £268.00.  For more information about the NSPCC and how to fundraise and donate, please click here.

Drama Club

13th December 2024

Autumn term introduced an after-school Drama club on Tuesdays.  With the lead up to Christmas, the drama club pupils took part in character led lessons, while learning different warm-up games and physical techniques to produce a very fun and festive production called 'The Christmas Chaos'.  Thankfully, with the help of Mrs Claus, Santa's Elves, the Easter Bunny & The Tooth Fairy, the confusing mix-up of all the presents was solved just in time for Christmas morning.  Parents, siblings and teachers were all invited to watch the show.

Winter Fair

7th December 2023

Thank you to everyone who supported our Winter Fair. It was another hugely successful event and we managed to raise a little over £1,000.00 which will go towards supporting your children’s learning and development in school. We would particularly like to thank all of the local businesses who donated food and some amazing raffle prizes as well as Father Christmas for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us.  From beautiful face painting & nails, games and the raffle, to visiting Santa’s Grotto, bouncing on the bouncy castle and munching on the tasty pancakes, toasted marshmallows and other delicious treats on offer. It was great fun and a wonderful event for our school community to share in. We look forward to many more!

Hounslow Urban Farm

5th December 2023

The Centre for the Deaf pupils and staff visited Hounslow Urban Farm in the run up to the Christmas festivities.  During the visit they made many new friends such as sheep, goats, rabbits, a snake, a tortoise, a stick insect and even a tarantula.  In addition they had a snow machine to make it a very festive farm visit.

Great Fire of London

29th November 2023

Every year the Year 2 pupils learn about the 'Great Fire of London' that happened in 1666.  After inviting a theatre company in for a workshop in September, NGIN took it one step further and produced our own mini reenactment on the playing field. Year 2 parents were invited to school to watch the painted boxes be burnt down.

Children in Need

17th November 2023

On Friday the 17th the pupil's at Norwood Green Infants, supported and donated towards the Children in Need charity.  Similar to last year, everyone dressed up in either brightly coloured clothes or spots and dots 'to raise a lot!'  The Reception children also made spotty crowns and had face painting of the infamous Pudsey the Bear. We raised £168.00 in total. For more information click here.

Poppy Appeal

                                                  12th November 2023

Every November the school raises money for the Remembrance Sunday 'Poppy Appeal'.  Amongst the merchandise are poppy key rings, easy zip tags, rubber bracelets and the very popular different coloured ruler slap-bands! In total we raised £218.40, continuing the ongoing support to the Armed Forces community. For more information click here.

Sports 4 Schools

                                                    3rd November 2023

The pupils at NGIN had several weeks of fundraising for Sports 4 Schools charity. An inspirational athlete Nerys Pearce, who came 4th in the Commonwealth Games, visited us and led a sponsored fitness circuit, a motivational assembly followed by a Q&A session which the children really enjoyed. The amazing total raised by our pupils was over £1,200. Thank you to all the friends and family members who helped raise the funds.

Sound Steps

13th October 2023

Mrs Harvey organsied an amazing assembly to teach the children about keyboard music.  Sound Steps Music school are also offering free taster sessions for ages between 5 - 13 years old, in and around Hounslow and online.  Please click here for more information and how to book for your child.

Harvest Assembly

11th October 2023

Norwood Green Infant school children and their families have very kindly made another impactful donation consisting of a variety of food goods, presented at our Harvest assembly.  The collection was given to a charity called Surplus to Supper who work with suppling the local community with food donations.  Thank you again to everyone who made a generous donation!

National Fitness Day

20th September 2023

Our children and staff were encouraged to come to school wearing sportswear/PE kit for National Fitness Day. This year the aim was to bring people together through physical activity and raising awareness about living a healthier lifestyle. For more information please click here.

Great Fire of London

 18th September 2023

All the Year 2 children took part in a Great Fire of London workshop, hosted by the Freshwater Theatre Company. Through drama based activities, the children had a chance to reenact the event from September 1666, learning how the fire started and what people did to help put the fire out.