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Design & Technology

Design Technology at Norwood Green Infant School, is an exciting subject where children can use their creativity and imagination to solve ‘real’ problems and design and create ‘real’ products.  As Design Technology is an integral part of our day to day lives, the learning opportunities at Norwood Green reflect this to encourage and engage our next generation of designers and engineers.

In line with the national curriculum the children follow the 'Design, Make and Evaluate' process. This process encourages the children to look at existing products to explore, test and investigate how they work. Following this they will design and make their product thinking about the materials they will need and making adaptations as they work.  Finally they will evaluate their product against the criteria, reflecting on the effectiveness of their product and whether it has met the needs of the criteria.

Alongside the design process the children will engage in developing their technical knowledge by thinking about how a structure could be made stronger or exploring how different mechanisms could be included in their product.

At Norwood Green the children engage in a balanced variety of Design Technology projects based around textiles, cooking,  building structures and the mechanics of moving mechanisms and axels. Here are our Key Stage 1 children enjoying Design Technology.

D&T Slideshow Gallery

Design Technology in Early Years focusses on developing an already inquisitive mind.  Construction areas, playdough tables, junk modelling and many cooking opportunities provide a DT rich environment for our youngest children.  They are encouraged to talk about what they have made and explain how they have made their models. 

Through these opportunities the children develop their knowledge and understanding of the design process which supports them as they progress into Key Stage 1.

 Long Term Plan

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