Norwood Green

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Enriched Curriculum

The children at Norwood Green have taken part in various fun activities, trips and workshops this year as part of their learning:

Signing Choir

15th October 2019 

A group of children from Hedgehog and Buttercup class took part in a Signing Choir Assembly. Songs such as Baby Shark and Red Robin were performed to parents and children across the school to showcase the BSL sign language skills the children have learnt. The performance was a success and each child received a certificate of achievement for their hard work.

Animal Workshop

8th October 2019 

The children in year 1 had the opportunity to meet some very small special animals in an Animal Workshop. This exciting science learning experience enabled the children to learn about different classifications of animal groups. They participated in first hand observations and had the opportunity to hold various animals including a rabbit and a snake. 




Mcmillan Cake Sale

27th September 2019 

A cake sale was held to raise money for the Macmillan charity where staff baked and donated cakes. It was an amazing success and a total of £118.30 was raised. 






Summer Festival 2019

17th July 2019 

Our school enjoyed a fantastic fun-filled day at our Annual Summer Festival. We raised the largest amount ever of £2036!! A huge thank you to our PA and all stakeholders involved who made it happen. We look forward to investing the money to buy new laptops for children in our school.  

Year 2 Littlehampton Trip

5th July 2019 

The children in year 2 went to Littlehampton Beach where they enjoyed a day of fun playing in the sand and paddling in the sea. They also enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat and the lovely sunny weather. 


Reception Whipsnade Zoo Trip

4th July 2019 

The children reception went to a fun filled trip to Whipsnade Zoo. They had a guided tour around the zoo with their teachers looking and learning about different animals. They also took an exciting train ride and saw several animals close up including Rhinos, Yaks and elephants. 


July 2019 

This month the children in Nursery and  reception had special visitors from the farm. A special batch of duck eggs arrived and 6 ducklings hatched. The children learnt all about ducks and their lifecycle and had the opportunity to meet the ducks and hold them. They all really enjoyed this special experience.  





KS1 Sports Day

28th June 2019 

Children in KS1 took part part in sport day. It was a fantastic event with all of the children thoroughly enjoying each sporting activity. Medals were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Year 1 and 2 individual girls and boys running races which were very exciting to watch. After competing in all events the final team scores were very close but overall the ‘Green’ Team won with a total of 182 points. Well done to everyone for taking part. 

Reception Sports Day

27th June 2019 

Sports day was held for the children in reception where parents were invited to come and watch their children take part in fun sports activities. The morning was enjoyed by all.  


Nursery Water Play Day

27th June 2019 

The children in nursery enjoyed a fabulous water play day where they explored water pools, sprays, gloop, jelly and water beads. The activities provided all the children with lots of fun as they explored all the different textures and games with their friends. 





Year 1 Kew Gardens Trip

24th June

The children in year 1 went on a trip to Kew Gardens as part of their science topic on 'Trees and Plants' They looked at various exhibits to apply their knowledge and enjoyed visiting the beautiful greenhouses and gardens

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Week

17th - 21st June 2019 

This week staff and children across the school have taken part in Healthy Body Healthy Mind week. There were many activities that focused on health and wellbeing including tasting healthy food, a whole school daily mile, dance workshops, scooter slalom, bicycle rides, team-building activities and a 'NED's Mindset Mission' positive mindset show. 

Dinosaur Day

18th June 2019 

The children at Norwood Green had a fantastic fun day when a T -Rex dinosaur came to visit! The children in KS1 took part in dinosaur workshops digging for fossils and learning lots of amazing facts about how dinosaurs lived. 

Bocketts Farm Trip

10th - 11th June 2019 

The children in nursery and playgroup went to visit Bocketts Farm. They had a chance to meet and learn about different farm animals. They all had a fantastic time  getting the opportunity to stroke and fed various animals including pigs rabbits and chicken.  

Debra the Zebra Assembly/Walk to school Week

3rd   - 7th of June 2019 

As part of walk to school week, Debra the Zebra came to help inspire children at Norwood Green about the health benefits of walking to school and how to stay safe on the roads.






Year 1 Mosque Trip

23rd May 2019 

As part of religious studies, the Year 1 children went to visit a local mosque in Southall. They were given a guided tour and learned about different traditions and customs of muslims who worship there. 

Year 1 Sports Competition

20th May 2019 

As part of the PE curriculum, several classes from Year 1 took part in a sports competition with children from Springwell School. It was a great opportunity for them to participate in competitive sports and finished in a fantastic 4th place. Well done year 1!  

Reception Park Trip 2019

14th May 2019 

The children in reception went on a trip to Wolfields Park as part of their learning about how plants grow. They took part in a nature hunt looking for various plants, insects and other natural materials.




NDCS Cake Sale 2019

9th May 2019 

A cake sale was held to raise money for the National Deaf Children’s Society in which many fun and delicious cakes were donated and sold in the school. A special competition was held where a panel of children judged the best baked cake. The school raised a total of £412 in support of this charity.



Recorder Assembly 2019

1st May 2019 

Children in Year 2 have been practising to play the recorder every week and today they performed their first piece to their parents and children in the school. They gave a great musical performance which was enjoyed by all. Well done!

Signing Choir 2019

April 2019 

The children in Rabbit and Hedgehog class have been learning sign language this term. They showcased their knowledge of colours and finger spelling along with verbs in a special performance of songs to  children and parents. 

Zoom! Early Years Show

2nd to 4th April 2019, 

The children in Playgroup, Nursery and Reception all took part in an out of this world performance for their families! Each class sang and danced and the show was a huge success. A special thank you to all the children, teachers and parents for their hard work and support.

Science Day

22nd March 2019, 

A day dedicated to learning about Science was held at our school where a special visitor came and talked to the children about many exciting science topics. The children took part in many fun experiments and activities.

Crazy Sock Day

15th March 2019, 

A big thank you to all of the children who came to school in their craziest socks on Friday 15th March 2019 to raise money for Comic Relief. The staff and children had a fantastic day and took some wonderful pictures of their colourful classes! As a school, we raised a grand total of £236.85! All of the money donated on the day will go straight to the Comic Relief Fund, which supports vulnerable people in the UK and internationally. 

World Book Day

8th March 2019, 

World Book Day was celebrated at our school with the theme of reading Julia Donaldson Books. All the children and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters and the day was filled with many fun activities.


Nursery Pancake Day

5th March 2019, 

As part of pancake day celebrations, the children in Nursery mixed together ingredients to make pancakes. The children had lots of fun tasting and creating their delicious pancakes to take home for their families. 




World Book Day Playgroup

1st March 2019, 

The children in playgroup had a go at writing magic words in their "Wizard Books" as part of reading the story "The Princess and the Wizard" by Julia Donaldson. 





Reception Lookout Discovery Centre Trip

26th February 2019, 

The children in Reception visited the ‘Lookout Discovery Centre’ in Bracknell. They took part in various hands-on scientific activities and really enjoyed exploring & investigating in a fun environment.




Chinese New Year

15th February 2019

Chinese New Year was celebrated across the school and the children in Nursery took part in learning about "Red Envelopes" They each created beautiful envelopes which they filled with gold coins for their families. 




Superhero Fashion Show 

15th February 2019

The Children in Year 1 designed and created their own superhero costumes and took part in a fashion show to showcase their amazing designs!!


Reception Fairy Tale Valentines Ball

14th February 2019

To celebrate their work, a Fairy Tale valentines day ball was held for the children in Reception. This was part of their topic learning about various fairy tales including The 3 little pigs, The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the 3 bears.


Year 1 Church Trip

13th February 2019

As part of religious studies, the Year 1 children went to visit St Mary's Church in Norwood Green. They had a guided tour and learned about the traditions and customs of Christians who worship there. 


Number Day Playgroup

1st February  2019

As part of Number Day, the children in playgroup made a beautiful snowman. They chose a special number and created buttons for the snowman's coat.



Number Day

1st February  2019

An exciting ‘Number Day’ was organised at our school to raise money for the NSPCC. The day involved children taking part in fun & creative maths activities which was a great success enjoyed by all.



Playgroup Oaty Cookies

10th January 2019

Children in playgroup made some delicious oaty cookies as part of their learning and reading of the story "Whatever Next". They made the cookies in the shape of a moon.   



Nursery Santa Visit

17th December 2018

The children in Nursery had a surprise visit from Santa! They were very excited to receive a present and they also sang some Christmas carols.   



Give a gift Appeal 

12th December 2018

Our families decorated and filled shoeboxes with essential items that are needed in third world countries. The boxes were designed for boys and girls and contained items such as, a small toy, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, writing pens and a generous variety of other items. We support this charity every year at Christmas time.

Great Fire of London 

30th November 2018

Year 2 children and their parents were invited to come and watch a reenactment of the Great fire of London as part of their topic for "Step back in time".  Both parents and children really enjoyed this unique, capturing experience as part of their History learning.


Macmillan Cake Sale

29th November 2018

A cake sale was held to raise money for the Macmillan charity in which many wonderful cakes were baked and sold at the school. A special competition was held where a panel of children judged the best baked cake made by teachers. The school raised £353 in support of this charity.


Animal Workshop 

22nd November 2018

The children in Year 1 took part in an exciting animal workshop to learn about the different classifications of animal groups. They participated in first hand observations and had the opportunity to hold various animals including snakes!

Sea Life School Trip 

28th November 2018

The Year 1 children went on a school trip to ‘Sea Life’ as part of their science topic on "humans and animals" It was a fantastic opportunity for them to carry out first hand observations and investigations and see animals in their natural habitat.

Heather Maisner Visit 

20th November 2018

As part of exciting writing week, the author Heather Maisner came to visit our school. She spent time in each class explaining how she came up with her creative story writing ideas and certainly inspired many children and adults. 

Year 2 St Pauls Cathedral Trip 

12th November 2018

As part of their current topic ‘Step Back in Time’ the children in Year 2 visited St Paul’s Cathedral to explore ‘The Great Fire of London’ in detail. Their guided tour and workshops really exposed them to the reality of the fire many years ago.