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Our vision for Geography is in keeping with our diverse school community and the school ethos of 'love, laugh and learn together.'

A broad and balanced education seeks to embrace a wider view of peoples and nations. Geography is an important part of this process as it tells the story of our planet and the development of humanity.

Geography Intent

At Norwood Green Infant School we want all children to develop the deep knowledge, understanding and skills required to be effective geographers. We want to equip all our children with the ability to collect, analyse and communicate their knowledge and understanding of geographical processes.

We want our children to know about diverse places and people and to understand how their own actions and those of others impact on their world.

We want them to be curious and fascinated about the world and its people through a broad and balanced curriculum of both human and physical Geography. 

We are fortunate to have many resources available to us such as museums, news, film, photographs, Google earth, the local environment, art, maps, books, songs and not forgetting teacher’s and children’s own experiences. All of these have a role to play in bringing Geography alive for our learners.

At Norwood Green the teachers take advantage of these great resources to:

  • Stimulate the children’s learning and critical thinking.
  • Ensure children have fun.
  • To develop children’s human and physical geographical knowledge and their geographical skills.
  • To develop a sense of curiosity about the world in which they live.
  • To learn how we can look after our planet for future generations.

In Early Years we aim to explore Geography through ‘Understanding of the World’. Geography plays a significant role in an Early Years classroom.

Children are encouraged to appreciate other cultures through dress up, food tasting, studying cultural artefacts. They learn about their environment through role play, active learning, school visits and school visitors.


We believe educational visits are paramount to giving children valuable life experiences. At Norwood Green, trips are organised in the Early Years, and in KS1, which lend themselves to the Geography curriculum and bringing it alive. Every year the children will visit different geographical places, whether it be a farm, a local place of worship, a forest, a wetland or a beach, amongst others.

 Long Term Plan

Progression of Skills

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