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Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing is all about our physical and emotional health. When we have good levels of wellbeing we feel that life is in balance and that we can generally cope well. We feel motivated and engaged, we’re resilient and able to deal effectively with daily troubles, as well as ’bounce back’ from life’s challenges.

At Norwood Green, we believe that good staff wellbeing is essential for cultivating a mentally healthy school, for retaining and motivating staff and also for promoting pupil wellbeing and attainment.

As school staff we juggle a multitude of different tasks and demands. It is important that everyone is given the right emotional and practical support so that they, can in turn, support their pupils.

In addition to having a positive impact on colleagues and children, staff wellbeing can improve performance and job satisfaction, which can lead to reduced staff turnover. It can also help to reduce absence (both short and long term), while increasing productivity and promote staff engagement. 

Staff members gathered together to cheer on our teachers taking part in the Pretty Muddy at Kempton Park and a Half Marathon in Ealing this year.


At Norwood Green Infant School we hold an annual ‘Wellbeing' week where we provide children and staff with a variety of health and wellbeing activities that promote healthy bodies and healthy minds.

As part of 'Healthy Body Healthy Mind' week, the staff at Norwood Green take part in various activities and exercises to promote their health and wellbeing including a new Zumba class for our staff after school. We also have a 'daily wordle' group, running and book club.