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Year 2


     Rabbit Class

Miss Riddell 

(Assistant Headteacher & KS1 Leader)

                              Mrs Seehra & Mrs Rooprai


      Fox Class


Miss Ali & Mrs Masih


 Hedgehog Class


Mrs Sharma, Mrs Hassan & Mrs Virk 

General Information

In Year 2 the daily timetable becomes even more structured than in previous years. The children will learn about many different concepts through investigative, experimental and practical approaches, similar to their time in Year 1.

However in Year 2 this is done in a more formal way with higher expectations. The children will be expected to listen and concentrate for longer periods of time and produce more written work. As part of this, it is important that we continue to help the children develop their independence; examples of this include entering school in the morning independently and remembering their homework, book bags, lunch boxes and bottles of water or other things needed on specific days.

Useful Reminders:

  • Please remember to name all of your child’s belongings; book bag, school uniform, lunch box, water bottle, P.E Kit etc.
  • School Dinners are ordered in advance for each half term. Please read the dinner menu with your child so they know what they are having to eat each day.
  • Please let your child’s class teacher know if your child has any allergies, food or dietary requirements (including being a vegetarian, only eating Halal) or medical conditions (inhalers), so we have a record of them.
  • If your child is not attending school or has a medical appointment please inform the school office on a daily basis. You must also go through the school office to register your child if you are late arriving at school.
  • If you've asked someone else to pick your child up from school please let the class teacher know for security and safety reasons or inform the office on the day
  • Check your class notice board in the playground for information, useful dates and events.
  • Each week your child will be allowed to visit the library and choose a book to take home with them. Check your child’s class notice board to see when their books should be returned to school. Only when a book is returned will they be able to take another one.
  • We operate a soft start system in the mornings and classroom doors will be open from 8.45am. Please make sure that your child is in school for the 8.55am start and that your child is collected promptly at 3.15pm from the classroom door in the playground.
  • Please check that your child brings their homework home every week when applicable.  Please ensure you look through your child’s homework together, and provide a quiet time and space to work.
  • Make an appointment to see the class teacher if you have any concerns or problems. Mornings are very busy for the teachers so after school appointments are advised.
  • We strongly advise that valuable toys and items are not brought into school unless specifically asked for in order to avoid favourite things being lost, stolen or broken. However if they have an item related to the current topic or something of interest they wish to share with the class, these will be welcomed.

Curriculum Information

In Year 2 the children are grouped according to a wide range of criteria. Teaching is carried out as a whole class, small groups and individual ways so that tasks can be both independent and teacher led with a focus on independent investigative learning. We have three topics this year they are as follows:

“Step Back in Time” – Exploring the past

“Down at the Bottom of the Garden” – Plants and the environment

“Extraordinary Explorers” – exploring the world around us

At Norwood Green Infant School the curriculum is taught creatively. Although we still look at individual subjects many now cross over or are grouped. We encourage the children to direct their own learning by being fully involved in the planning with the teacher at the beginning of a new topic. They will discuss what they already know about the topic and what they would like to find out over the course of the term. This has proven to be very successful, informative and highly motivating for the children and staff.

Target Setting

Teachers and children work together to set regular and individual targets. These generally focus on English and Mathematical development. They are reviewed together on a regular basis and a new set of targets are then decided and agreed. Targets are regularly shared with parents and carers.


Marking is directly linked to the learning objectives for that lesson. This means that at times presentation or spellings may not always be marked as the main objective of the piece of work. Whenever possible, marking is done with the child and praise is given, as well as pointers on how to move their learning forward. The marking system is displayed in each classroom and the children are made fully aware of what it means. As part of the marking process, the children are encouraged to self assess and peer assess, where they will critically look at their own and others work and suggest how it can be improved further.


Assemblies take place on several occasions during the school week. They are used to focus on particular themes and significant annual events. The Head Teacher Mr Willetts and KS1 leader Miss Riddell regularly lead assemblies. Mr Willetts also holds a ‘well done’ assembly where the children are celebrated for different achievements. You will be invited to attend and watch your own child’s class assemblies and the class teacher will inform you of days and times on your class notice board.


Each academic term different afterschool clubs are organised by teachers. If your child is interested, please click here to book a place. They are usually very popular with limited spaces, so try to book as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.


This is generally set on a weekly basis and forms an integral part of your child’s learning. The days for handing out and bringing back homework and book bags may vary from class to class. When homework is sent home your child will be asked to complete a task. This could include phonics & spelling, reading, comprehension, writing, number work and sometimes a practical making activity. Alongside this we also send home ‘A Home Learning Project’ which you complete with your child and return to school on a designated date. Weekly homework also includes completing activities linked to work in the classroom on ‘Education City’. Holiday homework is usually set. This could be in the form of a diary, or a Maths or English challenge or mini-project. Please click here to see your child's Year group' Home Learning.

SATs & Assessment

Assessment is an ongoing process in all subject areas and is used to inform teacher judgements and planning. National attainment tests will still take place towards the end of the year in the core subject areas. More information will be provided on this nearer the time as well as useful advice on revision aids etc.

How else can you get involved?

Parents are always welcome to come and work with Year 2 in a variety of activities including sewing, cooking, reading with children, playing Maths games or with ICT tasks. Please look out for notices on your child’s class door or notice board.

Parents and Carer’s are often needed when the class takes a trip related to their topic. Please let us know if you are interested and available to help when trip letters are sent home. Over the year we like to give all of our parents the opportunity to come with us on a school visit. We have many exciting trips over the year to look forward to and hope the children will enjoy the experiences we provide them with.

Of course it is not always possible to come into school during the working day. Providing resources linked to Year 2's class work or even resources that the whole school can benefit from generally, is a good way of getting involved without time commitments. Alternatively, helping with annual school events is always extremely useful.

Useful Websites

If you have access to the Internet at home why not have a look at some of the following websites. We send out termly letters that discuss each topic in more detail and this will also includes some useful websites you can visit related to the topic. - Click on Key stage 1 and select the subject area  - useful for researching and finding out facts and information 

Education City (using your child’s own login details)

We hope that your child will have a happy and successful time in Year 2.

If you have any queries or questions during the year, please speak to the class teacher or Year group/KS1 leader Miss Riddell to make an appointment. 

Click here for more information for your child's learning and curriculum including how to support them at home. The links below are available to download.

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